Personal Training Woking


As promised, a picture of my trimmer self (no airbrushing) all down to your fantastic guidance and encouragement and of course my hard work. Over the years I have tried all sorts of diets, and gym memberships, to get rid of the bumpy bits but without much success, now thanks to our weekly sessions, I can see the improvement and most importantly I look forward to my Thursday training sessions, particularly the boxing!
Thank you so much.

Despite a lot of effort at the gym, I never lost any weight until I started my training sessions with Geoff. I have reduced my weight by two stone, feel better about myself and have maintained my new shape (thanks to my training) for over one year.
Name: Maureen Ansell (Receptionist)
Favourite Exercise: Working on toning abs and arms and legs

Very friendly, good listener. Tailors the fitness programme to suit you.
Name: Jean Crockford (Clerical)
Favourite Exercise: Boxing!

Geoff has kept me going with exercise, through 'thick and thin', injury and lack of motivation, for many years and many more to come.
Name: Dr Faith Philpott (Dental Surgeon)
Favourite Exercise: Boxing!

As a more mature gym user and having regularly taken exercise I have found our sessions educational, allowing my training to be more effective when exercising on my own. So a more efficient use of my time. As a keen scuba diver I have noticed an improved fitness level. My diet has also improved with Geoff's education and motivation, also resulting in a loss of weight. So well worth my investment!
Name: Peter Fitzcosta (Company Director)
Favourite Exercise: GTS

Geoff has improved my fitness and especially strengthened my core. He has greatly improved my lower back where I previously suffered. Geoff was also a great help in my rehabilitation after a serious knee operation three years ago.
Name: Andy Grout (Chartered Accountant)
Favourite Exercise: I like variety, but especially exercises to strengthen core and improve flexibility

After a car accident in 1999 I was introduced to Geoff to help strengthen my back and lose some weight (well quite a lot). Since then I have seen him every week and often twice. He is a very talented trainer with the ability to keep you interested and motivated when you just don't feel like it. Over the years he has become a great friend and a support in more ways than just exercise. I can't imagine training with anyone else and feel that everyone needs a 'Geoff' in their lives.
Name: Amanda Patel (Operations Director)
Favourite Exercise: GTS

I have trained regularly with Geoff for nine years which speaks for itself. He is always accommodating about changing times and dates which keeps his clients happy. I'm sure my health has benefited greatly from the regular training with Geoff.
Name: Sally Fenwick (Retired)
Favourite Exercise: Boxing and Rowing

I have trained with Geoff for over seven years now and his flexibility around my work schedule helps greatly to maintain a regular commitment to fitness. Always friendly and focused on my needs, my fitness has developed under Geoff's direction greatly during this period.
Name: Andy Belcher (Business Manager)
Favourite Exercise: Boxing

Geoff is one of the best people I have known in my life so far.
Name: Liz Grout (Partners' Wife)
Favourite Exercise: Lat pull-downs

I have now been a client of Body Influences for many years which in itself is testimony to the value I attribute to Geoff's personal training skills, knowledge and expertise. What started seven years ago as ten session of personal training to help me recover after a back injury, has now turned into a regular weekly slot which helps enormously with the maintenance of my fitness regime. My workout programme is always imaginative and varied which ensures that I find the sessions both stimulating and challenging and Geoff is flexible and accommodating with my busy work schedule. A very happy client indeed!
Name: Martin Rodgers (Chartered Accountant)
Favourite Exercise: GTS

My weekly visits are my anchor. Whereever I am with diet/exercise, when I see Geoff it draws a line and I always leave in a happier mood feeling positive and motivated. The continued support I receive is invaluable.
Name: Melanie Coates (Accountant)
Favourite Exercise: Boxing, Weights, Running

I really look forward to and enjoy my sessions with Geoff. He focuses on what you are seeking to achieve, whilst having due regard to safety and any existing injuries or health issues. His friendly and enthusiastic approach, along with much encouragement, creates an excellent training environment where you push yourself harder than otherwise you might.
Name: Jonathan Turner (Chartered Surveyor)
Favourite Exercise: All - notably core work (medicine ball especially) and boxing!

The motivation I receive on a one to one is just what I needed. I started out weighing 14st 4lb and now after 10 months weight in at 13st 4lb. My careful programme is designed around my years of sport which has resulted in arthritic knees. Cycling and rowing are tailored to suit my level. Thoroughly recommended.
Name: Michael Rhodes-Funnell (Hair Salon Owner)
Favourite Exercise: Weights, both free and the GTS. Boxing, rowing, cycling - enjoy it all.

Geoff has trained me for over ten years. I've lost weight, become faster in Triathlon (despite heading towards 50) and he has sorted out my injuries. He has trained my teenage son for three years and totally transformed him too.
Name: Howard Tucker (Construction Director)
Favourite Exercise: Bike

I have been training with Geoff for three years. During this time I have drastically improved my fitness and power as well as my knowledge of personal nutrition. Never had a dull session.
Name: Joe Tucker (Student)
Favourite Exercise: GTS

I enjoy my training sessions with Geoff, he makes you feel at ease and is always cheerful. I don't feel intimidated at all as I would if I attended a gym!
Name: Jo Fantocchio
Favourite Exercise: Multi-gym and GTS

Really enjoyable sessions that I look forward to every week. Without Geoff I would not have achieved my aims and goals in my sporting career.
Name: Lee Collins
Favourite Exercise: I enjoy most exercises and weight work

I think the training regime suits me perfectly. It is pitched just right and doesn't put me off but, subject to my availability, builds up as I can devote more time. It is also nicely varied and carefully supervised.
Name: Tom Broderick (Accountant)
Favourite Exercise: GTS

Geoff keeps me motivated and is great at encouraging me to the next level. He understands my objectives and gives good advice on diet and eating habits. I look forward to my training sessions with Geoff as I know that not only will I have an excellent challenging session, but I will have had fun doing it!
Name: Monique Liverton (PA)
Favourite Exercise: Boxing, Kicking

Geoff has helped to progress towards my goals in a fun and enjoyable way which I never thought would be the case.
Name: James Kimber (Company Director)
Favourite Exercise: Cross Trainer