Personal Training Woking


Suffering an injury can be devastating both mentally and physically. Returning to exercise or trying to regain mobility can be a long and difficult path.

We provide both rehabilitation programmes and Pilates in Woking. I will work with you to develop an exercise and/or treatment programme to help you regain strength, build your core stability and help prevent future injury. We regularly receive referrals from physiotherapists and osteopaths.

Pilates can also help as part of a comprehensive rehabilitation programme. Within our studio we will work with you using our reformer machine to incorporate advanced techniques. We also work in conjuction with Rose Pilates to provide a varied but focused tailored programme for both rehabilitation and strengthening. For more information about Rose Pilates please visit

Sports Massage

From new gym users to athletes, sports massage can:

  • enhance performance
  • promote recovery and
  • help reduce the risk of injury

Not just for sports people, it can be valuable to anybody feeling uncomfortable or tight in specific areas following exercise.



Pilates is a well recognised discipline to:

  • improve posture
  • improve core strength and
  • assist with certain back problems

It also helps with

  • muscular / skeletal alignment
  • mobility
  • flexibilty and
  • strength

It can form part of a stretching and relaxation programme.

Techniques can be learnt in a safe environment and then practised privately and progressed over time